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Brewing Success: 5 Reasons You Win With a Coffee Fundraiser

When it comes to fundraising for your school, sports team, church, or organization, finding unique and popular products to sell is essential for maximizing your success. But what if you could combine something that helps you meet your fundraising goals with a product that almost 80% of Americans say they drink at home every day? The truth is a coffee fundraiser combines the love for a favorite drink with the potential to easily meet your fundraising goals. Check out these five reasons why coffee makes it easy to brew up success for your organization. 

1. You Win and So Do Your Supporters

Let's face it – with those stats, we all know it’s coffee for the win. This daily ritual appeals to the masses—young, old, morning warriors, night owls—everyone loves a good cup of joe. So why not tap into that universal love and make your fundraiser something everyone can get behind?

2. Easy to Manage + Quality Products = Success

We get it – fundraising for your school, sports teams, and non-profits can be a headache. But not with a coffee fundraiser. When handled right, it's like a turn-key operation. Choose a coffee partner that offers quality coffee roasted specifically for your order,  (consider organic, locally roasted options), and a turn-key process from fundraiser setup to delivery, and watch the funds roll in. It's so easy; you'll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner.

3. Cash in on the Beans

Let's talk numbers. Coffee fundraisers come with killer profit margins—some up to 50% of sales! People are willing to splurge a little extra for a quality cup of coffee, and that translates to more funds for your cause. 

4. Variety of Options

Coffee fundraisers can be versatile, offering a variety of coffee blends, flavors, and teas. This variety allows you to cater to different tastes and preferences, making your fundraiser more appealing to a broader audience.

5. Year-Round Appeal

Here's the kicker—coffee isn't bound by seasons. It's an all-year-round kind of love. Whether it's a hot brew in winter or an iced coffee in summer, people crave it. That means your fundraiser isn't tied to a specific time of year. Keep those coffee beans rolling, and the funds keep coming.

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