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  • Where do your beans come from?
    Our beans come from most of the commercial coffee growing regions of the world, Africa, Central and South America, Pacific Islands and Hawaii. We source in a variety of ways, but our goal is always to work with environmentally and ethically responsible growers. Many of our beans come from a direct relationship that was built face to face on the grounds the plants thrive in.
  • How is your coffee decaffeinated?
    Coffee can be decaffeinated chemically or by water processes. Our family only purchases Organic water processed decaffeinated beans. This means that coffee beans are soaked and re-soaked in clean water until the caffeine has been extracted, no chemicals needed.
  • How should I store my coffee?
    In an airtight container, or it's original sealed package at room temperature. Terranova’s bags have one-way valves and resealable tin ties to keep your coffee as fresh as possible in the bag they came in. Coffee beans should be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. You can conveniently store beans in a cabinet or on the counter, no need to refrigerate or freeze!
  • Do you have a retail location?
    We are a wholesale coffee roaster, we train our wholesale customers to brew coffee the way we like it to taste and they're doing a great job! Since they're doing the retail part we can focus on roasting techniques and coffee sourcing. You can purchase beans or brewed coffee from a variety of our wholesale customers, coffee shops and grocery stores.
  • Can I place custom orders?
    Sure, give us a call! 916.929.1681 or send us a message through our website or social media. We would love to help with all your great ideas!
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